Unprecedented flexibility

The AU500 can perform tasks suited for rotorcraft as well as for fixed wing aircraft, making it possible for the operator to utilize the system for a wide spectrum of applications. The system does not need a takeoff or landing strip or any additional launching mechanisms, but still maintains the extended range and flight speed of fixed wing systems.


Compact and portable

The design is lightweight, compact and easy to store. It is small enough to be transported by a single person and is ready to fly within minutes.


Enhanced performance

Compared to conventional quad-rotors of similar weight and size, our system has an action radius up to ten times larger and a flight endurance up to four times longer. Furthermore, aircraft is designed to be water-resistant and deployable in strong winds.


Long range (video)data link

The system is equipped with an exclusively developed communication system that makes it possible to stream live (video) data over a long distance. To minimize the risk of unwanted data leakage, possible privacy infringement or hostile takeover of the aircraft we ensure that all communication is encrypted up to state security level.

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